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Spicy Cheese Straws

*makes about 2 dozen straws This recipe is adapted from a recipe in the January 2008 edition of Gourmet Magazine and has been tested many a time (and served at many a potluck) by SFDC Board member Sarah McKinley. Tasty … Continue reading

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March 26: tasting the season at Bruce-Monroe Elementary

Earlier this week, my friend and fellow SFDC board member, Amanda Terillo, and I joined 5th graders at Bruce-Monroe Elementary School for a talk about local, seasonal food. And because it was a Slow Food talk, of course there was some … Continue reading

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RECIPE: Pickled Lemon Rosemary Green Beans

With the help of a conference assistant, my fearless fellow food lover/SFDC board member/ace photographer, Shelu, and 30 avid novice pickle enthusiasts, this Saturday we made 60 jars of pickled cucumbers, beets, turnips, grapes, and green beans. Small batch, of … Continue reading

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Seasonal Recipe: Butternut Squash Stew With Pomegranate Salsa  

*serves 6-8 people This recipe is adapted from “Eat Yourself Calm: Ingredients and Recipes to Reduce the Stress in Your Life,” by Gill Paul (Hamlyn, 2014). Recipe tested by  Washington Post Food Editor, Joe Yonan…and then SFDC board member, Ibti Vincent. We’ll … Continue reading

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Seasonal Recipe: Pumpkin Kale Risotto    

*serves 6-8 people This month’s recipe is from SFDC member and culinary adventurer, Katie Gatlin. We’ll be featuring more recipes in the coming months. If you have one you think needs to be shared with the SFDC community, send it … Continue reading

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Know your tamales

Here’s a little something from SFDC board member, Mark Haskell, who led a tamale making class near Eastern Market this past Saturday: “Aside from Mexico, many other countries in the western hemisphere have a tradition of preparing and cooking tamales … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to celebrate!

What better way to wrap up an early autumn weekend than with a pig roast and handmade ice cream sandwiches? Add the company of good folks and you’ve got yourself the third annual SFDC Snail of Approval awards party. Sometimes in the … Continue reading

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Slow Supper with Brooklyn Brewery

What’s better than really good food? Really good food and beer prepared by two ingenious chefs, shared over the course of four hours, in a beautiful space with good people, and benefiting our local Slow Food chapter. Yep, it’s hard to get … Continue reading

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DC welcomes Richard McCarthy to speak at Eat Local First week’s kickoff event

Our local Slow Food chapter was ELATED to welcome the new head of Slow Food USA to our fair city this week to celebrate the start of Eat Local First week. Richard McCarthy joined a series of notable speakers including … Continue reading

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Slow Food DC and area cyclists get their hands dirty in school gardens….

Many thanks to Farmer Kristin at Radix Farm* for the beautiful plants that were transplanted at H.D. Cooke Elementary, the final stop on the DC School Garden Bike Tour! Actually, we should give a big round of thanks all around: … Continue reading

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