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Food Day Activities: Organize Lunch

Food Day is generating a lot of talk out there. Just search the event lists on the Food Day website and you can see there’s plenty of ways to become involved. The official day is Monday October 24th, but no … Continue reading

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Blog Action Day: Apples

On this Blog Action Day, I hope you will remember one thing, and that is to enjoy food. No meaningful change will ever come to our food system until we reframe our approach to food, and get back to the … Continue reading

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Food Day(s)

Feeling like there’s been more discussion about food recently?  If it feels like October is all about food, you are not far from the mark.  From school lunches to hunger issues, many organizations are using October as a time to … Continue reading

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Dear Apple Cider, sorry I took you for granted

Apple cider. I took you for granted. This week at school I handed out some local apple cider (non alcoholic of course) samples that were donated to the kitchen. Being October and all, I thought it would be a nice … Continue reading

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KEEP IT REAL! cook something

I need to set higher goals. In my last post I summarized my time in school food service over the last few years and ended with a goal of meeting the First Lady. I met her this past Saturday. Now … Continue reading

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Dirty Pop…, baby, you can’t stop

Soda was everywhere. In my last three years working with schools I have never seen such a high rate of soda consumption until this year. And I’m not just talking about soda at lunch or in the classroom. I’m talking … Continue reading

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3rd year and the First Lady

I’m approaching my third year at DC Central Kitchen working under the Fresh Start catering umbrella arm in school food dining services. It’s been night and day in how we approach school food. Three years ago I, we, DCCK, were … Continue reading

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Alice Waters “Fresh Air” Interview

An interview with Alice Waters, founder of the fabled Berkeley (CA) restaurant Chez Panisse and a leader in the Slow Food movement, aired on the NPR in-depth interview program “Fresh Air” yesterday. You can listen to her discuss her views … Continue reading

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Garden Party: Annual Community Garden Day

If you have some time tomorrow (August 13th), head over to the P Street Whole Foods for the Annual Community Garden Day! The Garden Party gets underway at 10:00 AM and runs until 3:00 PM. Washington Youth Garden, Arcadia Farm … Continue reading

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School Year Wrap Up

My year ends in August; not December. For folks in school food August is the time to get away for a few weeks and come back ready to hit the ground running. This year I’ll be taking some much needed … Continue reading

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