Snail of Approval

What is the Snail of Approval?

The Snail of Approval is a Slow Food symbol many chapters across the globe use to recognize eateries, producers, and artisans who help to bring good, clean, and fair food and beverages to their communities.

Slow Food chapters use the Snail of Approval to celebrate conscientious food and farm businesses, and to help consumers connect with them. Since 2011, the Snail of Approval has helped spread awareness of the Slow Food philosophy, and the producers and establishments that support it.

Award Criteria

Good food is fundamental:  food must taste good and be good for us. This includes:

  • the freshness, seasonality, regionality, and wholesomeness of ingredients;
  • the care and craft with which the ingredients are handled;
  • the health of consumers;
  • and the extent to which cultural heritage and/or biodiversity is preserved.

Clean food is produced in a manner that does not harm the environment, animal welfare, or our healthThis includes:

  • the conservation of natural resources and mitigation of climate change;
  • the quality of life of consumers, producers, and their neighbors;
  • the welfare of animals, including farm animals and wildlife;
  • and the employment of practices that are appropriate for the area in question.

Fair food means ensuring accessible prices for consumers, as well as fair conditions and pay for small-scale producersThis includes:

  • the employment of fair labor practices and fair sourcing;
  • fostering a work environment that promotes diversity, and that is safe for people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexualities;
  • the fair compensation of producers, laborers, distributors, and others in the food system;
  • and ensuring that physical, financial, and educational barriers do not inhibit the availability of high quality and culturally appropriate food to all.

You can find a list of our previous Snail of Approval winners here.

Award Procedures

When the nomination period is open, anyone can nominate a food or beverage provider serving the National Capital Region who supports good, clean, and fair food in our area.  

The Slow Food DC Board will vet nominations and request additional information from nominees. If you nominate a local business, please be sure to let them know; nominees who fail to respond to requests for additional information will be disqualified. 

Recipients will receive:

  • Snail of Approval decal(s) to be displayed at their place of business;
  • A Snail of Approval icon for inclusion on websites, menus, newsletters;
  • Be listed, along with a description of their products and services, on the Snail of Approval page of the Slow Food DC website.

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