The egg and the mouse

How many words can you type per minute? What about how fast can you copy and paste something into a new document? Or how about how fast you can find something on Google; like directions?….. really think about. How much do you use the computer and how long did it take you to get “up to speed”?

I ask these questions because in the last month I have been asking myself these questions. I’m in the process of teaching my sous chef how to make prep lists on an Excel sheet, how to type out the school menu of the day in a Word document, and how to do ordering with email. Said sous chef has never used a computer. He holds the mouse as if it’s a fragile egg and moves it with such attention that I find myself laughing with the whole perspective of things.

That’s my reality; teaching a 42 year old man who has never used a computer to learn how to jump into today’s chef world of emails, online ordering, Googling, excel sheet building, labor tracking, and scheduling.

Howard is going to master this; no doubt. And as he masters the computer, he is also learning that in today’s culinary world, computer skills are just as important as good knife skills. Here we come 500 words per minute…well, you know what I mean 😉

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